The software is able to use a combination of an industrial beamer and camera to guide and track operators to the fullest. The projections show the operator exactly what needs to be done where, and the camera tracks everything and gives feedback in case of wrong operations. Our wizard based setup ensures the easiest configuration possible; while our expertise allows us to choose an optimal camera + beamer setup to have the best performance at the lowest possible cost. 


AR overlay

Every step in ANSOMATIC – barcode scanning, 
fastening, IO signal etc. can be enriched with 
AUGMENTED REALITY at any point. AUGMENTED REALITY can work without a camera, where work instructions are projected onto a part or tutorial 
videos are shown. This can be useful for fixed 
operation posts, where there are many different possible assembly configurations. Examples of these are fuse boxes, product wiring, electronics assembly, roof liners etc.


Voice Guide

ANSOMATIC AUGMENTED REALITY also boasts a voice guide. The integrated natural voice guide gives human like instructions to an operator. Using our wireless ear muffs with built in speakers both reduce background noise and give the instructions as clear and as easy as possible.


AR with Vision

When ANSOMATIC AUGMENTED REALITY is combined with a vision system, the software checks if the production process is done correctly, and give 
feedback when it’s not. Together with the vision system, the 
software can check position, number and state of all the parts. ANSOMATIC can even 
recognize if parts are scratched or not aligned properly. 
Feedback is projected back onto the part.

If a part isn’t aligned properly for example, it is lit up in red, with either a video to show how to correct it, or a voice or text instruction. The way incorrect manufacturing is handled is up to you. You can either have a dedicated repair station where the software knows based on the serial number what went wrong, or you can have repairs be carried out on the spot. 

AR for MovingObjects

ANSOMATIC AUGMENTED REALITY can also handle moving objects or lines together with a vision system. Just indicate that it is a moving object or line, and it will keep track of the actual position of the parts. Everything is handled accordingly: 

  • projections move along so they are always corrected on the intended spot,

  • The software reacts appropriately if a product is leaving a station. 



with AR

ANSOMATIC AUGMENTED REALITY is also able to handle fastenings. The software keeps track of all the bolts that need to be fastened and where they are located. The sequence in which the bolts need to be fastened can also be predefined in the software. The position of the fastening tool is continuously tracked, and the tool is only enabled for a fastening if it is placed on the correct bolt. 
Do you have bolts which aren’t easily visible? That’s ok, just load in a 3D model of the part and highlight the bolts in the software. The software can still track the position of the complete part, and figure out the position of the invisible bolts. The position of the tool is still tracked to ensure that it is only enabled for the correct bolts.